Justified Demotion or Sexual Harrassment?

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Amidst all the political social and racial tension in America 2016 presidential election there are more concerns that are not seen on The Campaign Trail today is Saturday November 19th 2016 and in 5 days Delaine Warren will lose her coveteted  Position ,Rank and File as DMOC  Deputy Minister Of Communication  . The former black panther party executive listed very articulately possible retribution for alleged rejected sexual advances from top members locally.  after doing the expected fact-checking we would cover this Facebook post that seems to be directly related it was posted from the page of Patrick J Germany. And we quote. 

​As members of the SDCBPP we realize the hardest and the smartest, need guidelines ,on how to be of service : to the people,to the core principles of The Black Panther Party and most of all there inherit sense value and self determination This preserves the integrity of our history, without diminishing our own sense of value. Our code of conduct keeps the life of our collective history and fellowship alive in the spirit of equality, justice and liberation . These central tenets help guide our decision making with the welfare of our volunteers and community in mind, at all times…..SDCBPP.                                                                                                                                                                                       It is with these core values and principles  that we as The SDCBPP will be removing Delaine Warren from the Position Rank and File as DMOC  Deputy Minister Of Communication                               As Of November 24,2016                                       Thank you Sister Delaine for Your service

We  covered the March for Injustice where I had the opportunity to meet Delaine Warren in full black power black panther regalia we spoke briefly and took photos in support of Alfred olango, a victim of police shooting. Miss Warren was sexually  harassed verbally by male  members of the New sandiego Black Panther Party, Patrick Germany and Henry Wallace. Miss Warren Tales of constant sexual advances inappropriate pet names that made her feel uncomfortable and less than the woman,  let alone a Panther. After being dismissed unceremoniously, Warren continue to show up and support Injustice under her own name she has been a testament of Triumph throughout this very dark time in her life. Allegations that she was replaced when she would not sleep with members is absolutely a possibility in her following says a contact that did not want to be identified, they say that miss Warren practically fulfilled more than her share of work in the organization and was deeply disappointed when she was relieved unjustly. Miss Warren sights when she is confused to why the community does not really behind her it has been a hard ordeal and she explains that the same people that sexually harassed her are currently recruiting other women to that chapter for the same nefarious ends. 
A statement was found on Facebook by Black Panther Party member Latrice Coleman it reads


 “what goes on in this house.. stays in this house”   

The statement above was written no  later than Memorial Day 2017 and does not show any integrity or validity being that the top officials in the San Diego Black Panther Party have unjustly Advance themselves upon female members over a year ago inside the Black Panther Party and outside. We at Yasentertainment regret to inform the community that the San Diego Black Panther Party is not in a position to serve the community and we would like to speak with the Oakland chapter to discuss the community Menace that has become the San Diego Black Panther Party Chapter headed by Tremell Price Patrick Germany and Henry Wallace. More Community updates to come

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