COMMUNITY AWARENESS ALERTS Sandiego Black Panther Party member  reactivates Chapter without ADHERING to the bylaws. 

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We did a story not too long ago about gender discrimination among San Diego Black Panther Party, a party that was reactivated by chairman Henry Wallace. Among the rumors floating one being he did not have the authority to activate the San Diego chapter Black Panther Party as he was not a founding member, as he attested. This has sent a ripple throughout the party being that new and old members have to be re-educated on the bylaws that were put in place by the original Black Panther Party of San Diego. 

  • Sources cite there issues that are being addressed and will be made available to media at a later date. 
  • J. Greene reporting from San Diego California. 
  • Sources site that Tremell Price and Henry Wallace have removed  core values of the San Diego Black Panther Party
  • Affiliate companies with a impeccable record the CEOs have spoken to me directly about Patrick Germany and Henry Wallace citing their sexual advances towards them and stories of sexual advances towards other women also conversations of sexual abuse plans to wards men as well.
  • Multiple companies refuse to do the Black Panther Party documentary fear of ruining their company’s name with the incorrect account of Black Panther Party history being that the members now are not validated original Black Panther Party members. 
  • Sources Site Long prison sentences for all three ranging from theft battery pimping and even murder charges. I spoke to tremel price personally on the phone interview he confirmed a murder charge
  • inside sources say they have it lead used co Intel on their own members and publicly embarrass prior members and their families

One Reply to “COMMUNITY AWARENESS ALERTS Sandiego Black Panther Party member  reactivates Chapter without ADHERING to the bylaws. ”

  1. Saying you are an Original Black Panther when you were never in the Original Black Panther Party is Fraud itself. This sort of makes you an Imposter. The Original Black Panther Party is a Political Organization that originated in 1966 and their main goals were to attest Police Brutality and offer Social Services in their Communities

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