Inspirational Young Lady


This young lady above has been an inspiration to me and to everyone that she touches in her life. I came across a letter that she received from the City of La Mesa Chief of Police Walt Vasquez. It states that “Briannah Greene” has been selected as the Outstanding Safety Patrol Member for 2017 at La Mesa Dale Elementary. In honor of this achievement, she is cordially invited to attend the La Mesa City Council Meeting being held on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. This young lady will be presented with an award during the first five minutes of the Council Meeting. Her hard work and willingness not to give up is amazing and people twice her age can learn something from her. It was an honor to meet her and I was in awe of how well mannered and respectful she was in the way she speaks. Its as if she has been in this world before in another time. I have never met anyone like her and I am curious to see where she will be be and who she will become. Congratulations young lady and I hope to see more good things from you in the future.

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