Robert Branch jury makes thier decision this morning stay tuned for update dates

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Robert branch is a security officer that had a minor altercation with a Child Protective Services officer which led in him being choked off of his feet until unconscious twice before uniformed officers arrived to properly subdue, with handcuffs,  Mr. Branch and booked him.

We want to wish Robert Branch a Happy Father’s Day it seems to get lost while going through these, Court proceedings, but he is a wonderful father to a young daughter and does all he can to provide for her so kudos to you Robert good luck, and may the verdict be in your favor.

Jury has come to a verdict and we will have that verdict for you shortly stay tuned our prayers go out for the branch family this ordeal has lasted two years and a quarter already.

Reflecting on testimony given by Officer Paul Ward where he perjured himself in court when he denied that he removed evidence from the scene along with the fact that he did not disclose that he was made privy to the video to write the report against Mr Branch. That shocking testimony may weigh in the jury’s mind as they have come to a verdict today
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Lawyers have arrived. 843.

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