Marc S. Kohnen

“Humble ,Meek,Unasuming,Deliberate,Trustworthy, Scholar ,Husband and Father” Yasentertainment Gives Marc S. Kohnen more than stars as they will do him no functioning good, but to tell the story of Police Brutality and Police cover-up would be better suited. First of all Congratulations on you Recent case the resulted not only in the acquittal of your client of all charges, it exposed perjury of a sworn Peace Officer under Oath an estimated 30 incidents. It highlighted police training procedures and programs to be ineffective or ignored in routine Law Enforcement Duties.
The record has been set the carotid restraints will cause unconsciousness as is the intent of the hold and as such Officer must have hand restraint devices such as Handcuffs or zip ties ,because as noted when person on which said hold is applied regains consciousness “fight or flight will be activated justly. As a reporter I was personally offended by the lies uncovered in the officers own testimony. I am appalled the such a man has ever served the blue shield which I respect as I respect the Red, White and Blue I served active in the Navy. The officer removed evidence from the scene and planted it in the suspects vehicle. Marc S. Kohnen blew up the court when he showed the video to the the officer and the court and asked him ,”is that you with the suspects Va identification card ,The Officer answered no several of times. Marc not Flinching Ordered video to be freeze framed and ffd each frame .And BooM! theres the Officer As Clear as the San Diego skies over the Famous Coronado Bridge, we saw the officer pick up the items and move to his vehicle first. the video show the tampering of the camera as well. Marc thank you for opening the community up to the reality we live in

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