Cops allow police dog to mual naked unarmed man in California, San Diego’s area

After the graphic video to This I use this thing surfaced of body camp video of cops allowing a canine to bite a naked  man  over 40 seconds after the officer had panned him to the ground.

A phone call came in around 830 on Saturday August 2015 officers with the San Diego police department were asked to check on the welfare of a naked man screaming and running through a canyon in a San Diego suberb near La Jolla which is an area known for anti-mental anti-low class an anti-Minority location in southern California.

Civil rights attorney Donald W Cook has reviewed the infamous video numerous times along with a group of other attorneys sued the Los Angeles Department in the 1990s nineties after another video of police dog Biting video is emerged  again. The city of the Los Angeles settled at soup for 3.6 million and agreed to revamp its policy for the use of force by dogs a small victory then but now we have to revisit the policies that have now allowed to another victim to be succumb to multiple dog bites while handcuffed.

Cook went on to say that despite his concerns police dogs can serve an important role in law enforcement such as sniffing out for bombs or finding hidden armed suspects but not to be just to let off the leash to attack and Maimed without proper indication bubble car and that is the problem with animals for they are not trained humans they finally follow the domestication of fumes as long as that Will hold.

After reading San Diego’s police department policy it says if possible give at least two warnings in a loud and clear manner before allowin  a dog to bite , but in the released video no warnings were given in the canine officer wrote in his official report that due to the immediate threat I did not have a opportunity to give canine warnings this is his official state he also states that the subject was under the influence of a controlled substance and was very agitated with offices.

Lawyer says not only excessive but animalistic said cook in this case you had your suspect you had him surrounded all you have to do was simply taken into custody.

The San Diego city Council approved 80 $385,000 settlement but the victim has already said that no dollar amount is worth having a disability for life.


San Diego Police Department spokesman Lieut. Scott wall issue this statement

The video shows the agitated and defiant demeanor of a man and under the influence of LSD when played in its entirety the video shows our offices tried to gain his compliance before he became defiant. By the split second decisions of the police options are easy to second-guess when you know the outcome, keep in mind the deployment of my canine is intended to prevent the situation from escalating.

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