Police; man assaults woman is sleeping on Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach Florida; a woman sleeping on Jacksonville Beach near first Street about 9 PM Tuesday was sexually assaulted by a man as she woke up, the woman told police she and her friend were lying on the beach not far from the Seawalk pavilion when she fell asleep, she woke  realized what was happening and her friend wasn’t there anymore.

Allegedly the attacker ran away and spoke with several strangers saying that the women made the claims of sexual assault because she asked them for money and he refused. Police found Archie Brown age 46 on Beach Boulevard and said he made a incriminating admission, the victim identified Brown as her attacker and he was bold in jail and ordered hailed one $75,000 ball. Despite this assault and the fatal shooting hours after Jacksonville Beaches Fourth of July display, some people still feel the area is safe.

One of the owners of the Jacksonville surf shop says I feel it’s extremely safe down here compare to other parts of Jacksonville and other parts of the country said Tony Hall

As he said recently he has started to stay open until 10 PM on Thursday Friday and Saturday because he feels so safe

He further goes on to say since we have so little crime, that will be due have an incident is seems to be amplified

There are resources in Jacksonville available to anyone that needs them if you are currently or have been a victim of sexual violence it is encouraged to contact the women’s center of Jacksonville where you can receive support advocacy and counseling.

Victims can call the office for information at 904-722-3000, or the 24 hour rape crisis hotline at 904 721-7273

Yasentertainment will have more on the story

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