He kissed me against my will. Chula Vista do you know this psychiatrist?

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Farjerman A Chula Vista psychiatrist in


California. Is under investigation for sexually assaulting to patients. Farjerman says he never forceed himself on sanchez. Sanchez says that the doctor forced himself on her but she still went back to a future appointment, she states that the doctor would hold her medicine Ransom that she needed.

Allegations that this local psychiatrist placed a female patient’s appointment card on her breast then kissed and found her despite the woman’s efforts to stop. He is 74 years old and he took advantage of patients vulnerability Independence on him for treatment of their psychiatric conditions. The psychiatristand his attorney challenged the suspension that Judge Abraham Leavy levied on the psychiatrist removing his license on July 27.

Along with other evidence there are rumored to be two tapes recorded of phone calls the patient had with the psychiatrist after the October 19, 2016 incident which is the question. Those phone calls were arranged by local Chula Vista Police Department’s to gain the more information and to protect her privacy is identified by SD in court documents

SD claimed also according to some documents SD protested, it did not feel good and pulled away from him, the psychiatrist proceeded to kiss her on the lips and on the neck. Furthermore the psychiatrist placed his hand underSD dress and touched her vagina, he suggest that she return the next week when no one would be in his office, in order to have sex.

That was a transcript of those phone calls that reveal when the psychiatrist was confronted by SDAbout the incident and told him that it bothered herThe psychiatrist replied karma to my knowledge nothing really happened, and you did not like it”?

The psychiatrist says when you like something you go for it , no? You like dessert, you get dessert, the psychiatrist vigorously disputes that he and gays in the condo and judge Leavy concluded that the psychiatrist displayed a lack of sound judgment, a callous disregard of SDE concerns and well-being, and he believed that there was nothing wrong with his behavior.

Just leave me further went on to say that allowing the psychiatrist to resume seeing patients, even with a pro invitation against treating adult females,WouldEndanger the public health, safety and welfare. In the wake of that decision there is another former patient claiming that the psychiatrist group just in assault to her in his south bay office as well.

In August judge Abraham Leavy a state administrative law judge karma ruled the alleged victim’s testimony was credible and refused to reinstate the psychiatrist medical license. He concluded that allowing the psychiatristTo treat patients we absolutely wrong and endanger the community.

Linda Sanchez, contacted the investigative unit with similar complaints Sanchez I had three escalated episodes of inappropriate sexual behavior by the psychiatrist who has two offices in Chula Vista. She told NBC seven that his private office on the third Avenue he pulled her onto a couch where he kissed me in my mouth, groped my breasts and try to feel me up.

She states I said anything I could, just to get out of there. He said he would but only after making a final request, that’s what he said. He said, well show me, and I was like show you what?. Show me what I am going to have, So I showed him my backside, she says.

She will called crying in his office and he stood up and came over to give her a hug it was comforting her about her mothers failing health. She then says that didn’t stop psychiatrists from getting close she says he pushed me up against him, she said he put his arms around my back and push me up against him,And it felt just uncomfortable.

I went to his pageAnd this is a quote from the website

“Psychiatrists are board-certified physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Diagnostic tools can include physical exams, laboratory tests and brain imaging scans, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scans. Patients may see a psychiatrist for depression, anxiety, depressive disorders, schizophrenia or sexual dysfunction. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication – usually in conjunction with other treatment options, such as psychotherapy – and they often work in tandem with talk therapists and counselors”.

It also says he graduated from the University of Arkansas, for medical sciences colleges of medicine in 1968. Stay tuned for more updates. If these allegations are true the community of San Diego Chula Vista and surrounding areas Will be in the outrage and I am sure protests will be imminent.

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