Janice Dickerson-Bill Cosby witness recants her memoir

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bill-cosby-portraitIn a very surprising turn of events in the Bill Cosby assault case  Janice Dickinson a formal model and reality TV personality admitted  Thursday that she made up passages in a memoir including a story of rebuffing Bill Cosby’s advances.

Alleging she was drugged and raped by Bill Cosby in the Lake Tahoe California hotel in 1982 ,the 63-year-old Dickerson said,”he was America’s dad on top of me happily married with five children” and. She goes on to say how she remembers thinking how long it was how very wrong. It was gross she said I just passed out it was just gross. I wanted to hit him I wanted to punch him in the face she said that she confronted Cosby but he disavowed any knowledge that it occurred.

But when the cross examination started by attorney Mesereau ,her story changed, holding up a copy of herbal the defense cited passages in which she described her re-buffing Bill Cosby’s advances in California then pop into willy Quaaludes and going to sleep alone in her own hotel room.

Dickerson yells out it’s all fabrication there because I wanted the paycheck for my kids, adding that her ghost Rider to poetic license with her life story. The stores were wildly different any question the legitimacy of what was being presented to the court.

Cosby’s attorney replies so you may things up to get a paycheck, appearing very very angry Dickerson responded they weren’t there and you weren’t there and I am telling the real story. Followed was an attempt to corral her stature by saying I put my hand on the Bible in swore I wasn’t on the olds when I wrote the book.

Saying that her publisher Judith Reagan one her that putting the sexual assault in her book could ruin her career.

Lise lotte lublin testified Thursday that is in 1989 in a suite in Las Vegas Cosby Urged her to drink two shots of alcohol despite her informing him she did not drink, she said that after consuming the drinks she became disoriented. Cosby urged her to sit in his lap and begin stroking her hair and  she doesn’t remember anything after that adding she woke up in her own bed two days after with no idea how she got there.

The initial complaint came from Andrea con stand who alleges Cosby drug turn violator in 2004 at his home in suburban Philadelphia. Cosby has denied those charges and similar allegations made by other women baby scheduled to justify in the recharging Friday Constand Will speak in front of Judge Steven O’Neil announced at the end of Court on Thursday. Our hearts go out with this family and all families that have been affected by sexual misconduct, but we must remember in America you’re innocent until proven guilty and this will makes us a great nationBill Cosby, Norristown, USA - 08 Jun 2017

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