VA keeps pushing veterans to give up on there disability claims

We have done an independent study of multiple Veterans Administration buildings and Clinic in different locations of America.

We have found on multiple occasions in the claims department that the advocates in people who are employed to help you with your claims and benefits are discouraging service members from continuing processing claims.

In one case a service member was asked how much more money do you want you are already getting unemployability at 80% rate how much more do you want.

That service number was injured in 2001 while in the military and serve till 2005, they received $200 for 10 years for a major spine issue.

And when finally they felt as if their life was coming to an end they wanted to secure the disabilities they may be old for the future of their children and wife.

San Diego Regional Office Veteran’s Administrations is where he went and in his own words it didn’t matter if it was the VFW or the actual San Diego Regional they all pushed him to either put in a small amount of claims or to stop.

Possibly stopping and delaying future payments or back payments because of the discouragement or entirely not coming to the VA like most homeless veterans do.

Please support us while we support our military and help bring oversight to the veterans administration and their affiliates.

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