Nipsey Hussle murdered in Los Angeles

Starting off rest in peace in all respects to the family of Nipsey Hussle.

You may have seen the video we choose not to show it based off the graphic nature but California has lost a revolutionary.

Broad daylight the gunman shot Nipsey Hussle and two other men standing relative to his position.

Nipsey’s lifeless body can be seen in some the videos which prompted people to say he had passed before the actual reports had confirmed his Life transition.

The city the state the nation of Black Consciousness is hurting reports coming from all over of crowds of mournful fans and followers.

LeBron James, Chris Paul,Stephan Curry and numerous actors, artists and athletes have poured their support and pain at the information that Nipsey Hussle has been in fact murdered.

Working on a documentary about Dr. Sebi ,there was a lot of speculation of the dangers in tackling such a taboo topic, being that Dr. Sebi himself mysteriously lost his life.

We are calling for the LAPD to find this perpetrator and bring them to justice, Nipsey Hussle has shown his entrepreneur savant in purchasing a part of a block that in his younger years were oppressive to him and changing it into a Multi resource Center.

Gone at 33, Nipsey Hussle stood as a inspiration to those young black men searching for a straight and narrow way of life.

Grammy-nominated poet and Musical genius he leaves behind two daughters.

Tweeted by Chief more of the LAPD
We (@LAPDChiefMoore and I ) were meeting , at the request of @NipseyHussle with him and @rocnation tomorrow at 4pm to talk about ways he could help stop gang violence and help us help kids. I’m so very sad

He even galvanized the blue Shield which he helped defuse gang situations.
Hussle was gunned down Sunday outside the clothing store he opened in 2017 — Marathon Clothing in the Hyde Park neighborhood, South of the Crenshaw area where he born and grew up. It was one of the most recent ventures he was involved in to give back to his community.

So why did Nipsey Hussle get killed this Sunday the last day of March?

If you have any information about anything involving Nipsey hussle’s murder contact the family and the lawyers and law enforcement the comments are open for those to give their last goodbye to the great Nipsey Hussle.

Don’t let his fight be in vain

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