As you can see current President Trump has not conceded and will not concede. He is in denial of losing the White House to President Elect Joe Biden and he has even staged the beginning of the 2024 campaign to occur the day of Biden’s inauguration. The Trump campaign funded a partial recount in Wisconsin, which actually netted Biden 87 additional votes. In Pennsylvania the Trump campaign lost a court challenge in Pennsylvania, which the state Supreme Court tossed out a challenge to absentee ballots. You name it and the current POTUS has done it in order to take back the White House and not accept defeat, but nothing thus far has worked in his favor. He will continue to insinuate that the entire election was rigged and fraud did take place, but there is no current evidence of fraud to be proven. We are not certain what else will come of this, but Trump doesn’t want to give up his power anytime soon.

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