Officer Paul Ward pergers himself in presence of honorable Judge Laura W. Halgren. Falsified official  police report https://youtu.be/IcZ3cfJQ8Xw

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As it seems like an eternity before this case will have a verdict we will cover today the events of June the 7th in court room 36 the honorable Judge Laura Halgren presiding. https://youtu.be/IcZ3cfJQ8Xw

  • To recap Mr. Paul Ward A Child Protection Services officer
  • Robert Branch a freelance and employed security enforcement officer
  1. There were a number of testimonies given under oath last year at the preliminary and this is the opportunity for everyone including the jury to see how everyone holds up a year or more afterwards
  2. Some of the factors noted in Child Protection Officer Ward’s decision to use Force:
  • allegedly Robert branch would not allow his security vest to be checked bye alleged unidentified Child Protection Service Officer Paul Ward,
  •  Child Protection Service Officer ward afraid because he lost sight of the front of the vest he was in danger.

And some of the identifying factors that security officer Robert Branch contemplated while being stalked by a unmarked vehicle

  1. That A car pulled behind him which made him nervous
  • This led to his suspicions then ultimately his mistrust of the situation
  • There was no uniform officer on the scene
  • When we request for a supervisor or uniform officer was made it was met with denial
  • Branch was concerned about events around the nation concerning brutality and reference Baltimore
  1. While observing the court proceedings questioning of Mr. Paul Ward’s training commitment and Refresher courses.
  • Has been 16 years since he was on the beat
  • In spite of using  cardioid restraint upwards of 20 times Does not remember in any capacity details dealing with cardioid restraints or ever hearing the term choke before
  • In spite of using the cardio restraint does not remember that any restraint cardioid or choke has the possibility of loss of consciousness Paul Ward testified in court that he did not know this
  • Despite training a law stating that a police officer should not move evidence from the scene Child Protection Officer Paul Ward Underoath said he did not move security officer Robert branches Virginia state ID he States it was found in the driver’s seat of Robert branches car although  cell phone footage shows definitively officer Paul Ward picking up security officer Robert branches Virginia ID and going and sitting in his unmarked patrol car.
  • Despite his training in over 30 years of service and Duty officer Paul Ward failed to understand the seriousness between a arm bar restraint and a cardioid restraint citing that the armbar restraint is more dangerous under oath. Attorney Mark Cohen pictured in the middle in this photo brought up questions of the timing of Mr. Paul Wards retirement citing
  • Did you retire because you improperly handled this case
  • Mr. Ward on Oath say no
  • Mr. Cohen have you put in for medical consideration
  • Mr. Ward no I haven’t
  • Mr. Mark Cohen do you know that post training is the basic framework of police work
  • Mr. Ward I do not remember that training Underoath
  • Mr. Cohen: can you explain your job as a officer
  • Mr. Ward yes I investigate sexual abuse on children I have over 500 cases in my fieldStay tuned follow like share we will have in court coverage continuing Monday at 9 a.m. courtroom 36 San Diego Superior

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