Why is Robert Branch going to trial. This may answer some of your questions. 

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DAY 1 ROBERT BRANCH room assignments Monday May 22nd. This is a big day for all involved with the defense and the prosecution in the story that alleges a African American event security guard attempted to resist arrest by a Child Protection Services officer.

  1. We at Yas entertainment online news we’re at the court proceedings this morning where we heard from Both Mr.  Branchs lone defense attorney   along with the states prosecution team .
  2. Judge Laura Halgren Superior Court judge a courtroom number 36 at the San Diego County Superior Court building on 220 Broadway Avenue, Limited media access by only allowing the opening statements the closing statements in the post events which is different from most where in half of the proceedings or the majority of the proceedings are allowed to be video audio and still caught.
  3. After reading and obeying our court-ordered instructions we sat in the front right side of the courtroom and had a clearview of the faces of all involved parties.

  4. The prosecution’s lead attorney had a demeanor that was carpeted and crisp very professional,  very prestigious he held himself like he valued his position.
  5. on to the defense Mark Kohen who doesn’t  dress as prestigious, but seems to have much more humbleness and meekness in his Persona in the courtroom it showed concern with a hint of confidence.
  6.  lastly Mr . Branch who was dress business casual with a very quiet reserved demeanor I saw him look off into empty space as if he was in deep thought never utter a word even to his lawyer.
  7. As court  was called to order Judge Halgren allowed the prosecution to go first, they interned played the video most have seen already of this case of Officer Ward using a choke hold on Robert Branch.
  8. The prosecution stands firm that Mr. Branch had he listened to the unidentified officer would not have been in the situation he is now facing multiple felonies for a minor infraction.
  9. Witness Justin hudnall who called  911 on behalf of the officer  used  the terminology ” choking” when referring to what he saw happening to Robert Branch, which at the time  the prosecution denies siding it is a cardioid restraint. Exports are expected to testify on both theories .
  10.  The prosecution  alleges that Mr. Branch did not tell the truth about heading to a job or a gig the defense noted that Mr. Branch had purchased his tactical vest online in expectacion of furthering his security career and even owning his own security company, and received it  a mere 45 minutes before the incident occurred.
  11.  And now we will read the charges : 1 count reckless driving: 1 count failure to present license: 1 count failure  to present vehicle registration: 1 count delaying/ obstruction: one count resisting an executive officer by force: 1 count attempting to tear gas a peace officer.
  12. https://youtu.be/IcZ3cfJQ8Xw
  13. Attorney for Robert Branch sites that .Ward followed Mr.  Branch for nine  miles and had a functioning  radio to call for backup  but chose instead to confront Mr. Branch without backup. 
  14. No call no backup call Flashed ID quickly from a long distance and witness corroboration that a Chokehold was applied seems to indicate the nature of things going on in this situation
  15. Robert Branch heard repeatedly screaming and yelling stop you are abusing me stop what are you doing what are you doing I am going to the police I am going to the news media. 
  16. You hear back up sirens and you hear Robert Branch tell officers please come to me first so he could get his story out and he was still yelling I love you Mom because he was in fear for his life he thought it was going to be the last time he got a chance to speak to his mother. 

  17. As for us here at yasentertainment we witnessed on the stand  former officer Paul Ward perjure himself in many ways in front of the court. The most notable was win those in the courtroom heard from his own mouth that he had tampered with evidence on the scene and had not informed anyone that he had. Officer Paul Ward in fact knowingly removed mr. Robert branches ID card from the ground and placed it in the front of his vehicle as in too impede law enforcement job  of  a clean crime scene. 
  18. As if that wasn’t enough  mr. Paul Ward neglected to tell  the court  that he himself had  the opportunity  to view  the video before  he had the duty  to write the police report from said  incident. 
  19. Another part of the video reveals officer Paul Ward  picking up mr. Branches ID  and placing it in his car  while Paul Ward still watching the same video aggressively denies it was him, but as the cardigans  looks very closely The Smoking Gun is uncovered as we see officer Paul Ward reflection  in the shine of his own police cruiser  verifying the it was he who tampered with evidence. 
  20. One of the witnesses that were  there  on Old said that Mr. Paul Ward was attacking mr. Branch  and he felt as if Mr. Branches life was in jeopardy. 
  21. The courtroom was an absolute shock so many things did not add up about mr. Paul Ward’s story and the way he answered his questions he testified under oath that essentially there was no training on self-defense,  courtesy or the effects of a cardioid restrained that he remembers being taught. 

  22. Experts were brought on the stand and question about the nature of the alleged injury that Paul Ward suffered allegedly at the hands of Robert branch it was later found out that the injury was not an acute intimate which would have been within the 10 days it was actually a injury that was previously received while on other duties other stressor. 
  23. Officer Paul Ward even though why don’t you said he did not know that a cardioid restraint or a choke hold had the symptoms or side effects of unconsciousness
  24. Later it was revealed that not only did mr. Paul Ward know that cardioid and choke holds cause unconsciousness what moreover that he himself had placed it on 20 other humans that he has detained and all of them have been unconscious which was also contrary to his testimony
  25. Paul Ward resigned less than a year after the incident he never put in for medical disability or any sort of medical compensation from the alleged incident that he described in his report
  26. Robert Branch did not spray Paul Ward with  pepper spray not only that he did not discharge the canister
  27. Paul Ward admitted under oath that he did not know if it was mr. Branch that he saw and it makes that he lost contact with the car 2 times. 
  28. He still pursued  Branch and initiated the confrontation and did not call police backup he was in a well-to-do neighborhood. 
  29. This incident has been dragged along over to years now multiple incidents has happened in the life of Robert Branch financially socially because of the dragging of his name
  30. Public opinion naturally assumed that he was guilty but it would only take the time to sit down and listen to the story in the courtroom by the people who were involved to understand otherwise this was not professional this was not acceptable. 

  31. Police brutality and abuse towards not only African Americans which lead the nation in police-involved altercations but it seems to float even to those from Mexican and  Caucasian. 
  32. Robert Branch feared for his life this is very apparent after sitting in the courtroom it was so apparent that Witnesses feared for his life as well
  33. Robert Branch articulated that he was afraid and would like to have Mark uniformed officers there and was denied this request at the time
  34. Instead Robert Branch was violently and improperly choked across his hyoid bone until he lost consciousness 2 times as verify under oath by mr. Martinez who was another witness that saw the incident the initial Witness

  35. Mr. Hudnall initially will start to be the first Witness that was there on the scene but that was absolutely incorrect when mr. Martinez took the stand he gave a more Vivid a more honest representation of the facts. 
  36. Mr. Martinez Underoath said mr. Branch was choked off of his feet and when consulate asked what do you mean off of his feet Mr Martinez said Mr. Ward had Mr Branch in the air choking him and stated that Mr Branches feet were not touching the ground. 

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