Great story out of LA Mesa California, Sent to us from the  spouse of a Navy hospital Corps women serving Balboa Naval Medical Center 

Angela Greene 36 Hm2 is the special person of interest in today’s  post

​yesterday I’m out and me and my girl went into Sprouts to get some fruit now before that I was
complaining about how tired I was cuz I really was but she was insistent upon getting some fruit so I took her to Sprouts and I went to the nearby store and bought her a couple outfits it came out the store walk to Sprouts nothing seemed out of the way she was paying for those the fruit and we walked out and came to the car I was putting the things in the car and what I noticed the gracefully aged woman call her to her car and she started to talk and it first I ignored it and put the basket back and then I caught a glimpse of her face and she had tears in her eyes so I walked 000)l to eavesdrop on the conversation and come to find out my girl had paid it Forward for her inside of sprouts she said she was so thankful and she did not realize she did not have enough money to cover the food I was so proud of her she was already in uniform and then on top of that she gave as I waiting my turn to speak she began to tell me about her life and how she has Pastor for 40 years and recently last August she lost her daughter. she made a comment about how sometimes she doesn’t understand life. I told her life is more complicated then people that you date children that you raise or boss’s that you work for you may never understand any of those but if you do think about the comparison of you understanding person versus you understanding the universe. I spoke to her the same way I was speak to any of my other friends and at the end of our conversation we both had tears in our eyes I begin to call out names of people that I have met throughout my life and she started to notice that she knew some of the same people we both found out we were Church of God in Christ which is my home shirt she knew my pastor she knew a lot of the Evangelist that came to my church she knew about the meetings in Tennessee and then she invited me to come to her church the funny thing about it my sister who is in the clergy ask me about a pastor that is up here and I didn’t know cuz I really don’t go to church but that same guy was the same man my sister was asking me about so we are making plans to visit her church and fellowship with her and since my girl is far away from home she might even replace that void she lost a daughter she may gain one now? 

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