Chairman sends direct message to Sandiego Black Panther Party member

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Brother , I am a National Chairman and we have been following the accusations of our , my comrade , Makio Zulu Shakur. We are requesting a hearing for this brother and as the records insicates that the protocol for his dismissal as a black panther is voided. This Field Marshall has had all the supporters Nationally to take a vivid look into this matter. So we are asking you and Your assigned Committee set a date to futher discuss this and We as the National committee will decide on a decision. Its not in the hands of any local chaper to make a finial call on a person in such position as Bro.

Continuing to update you the community on San Diego Black Panther Party matters we recently received a message from Los Angeles National chairman Kima in response to the excommunication of brother makio Shakur from the San Diego Black Panther Party.

This tumultuous situation has brought light to the problems that even were present at its Inception many decades ago.

National Field Marshal Makio Shakur put a plan together to bring the San Diego chapter of the Black Panther Party to exalted level in the community.

With the help of brother Trenell Price He he honored the 10-point platform in the reconstruction plans as they were his guiding principles.

Multiple calls and emails have shown there was a concerted effort to push Mr. Zulu out and to personally discredit him throughout all social media platforms.

There are effectively 3 to 4 black party organizations affiliated with this defamation of character suit.

We have spoken to both sides and gotten the exterior part but we also have dug and Researched and have testimonies that seem to show there was a personal disdain towards mr. Zulu.

The Black Panther Party is no stranger to dockets and jackets and dealing with cointelpro and attempts against members lives.

And with this being known you would think that a true Black Panther Party would validate and handle its in-house business with the same delicacy and passion that they handle protect in the communities they serve protect your own first.

Also the San Diego Black Panther Party under Price was on a probationary 90 day quarantine, As it was not an official chapter yet and I believe this proves exactly why it is important for the Black Panther Party to stand up in the defense of brother Zulu to hold Vanguard on the Integrity of the party in San Diego.

the Black Panther Party Across the Nation is following this very closely has it affects every last organization affiliated the outcome.

We would like to stand in solidarity with brother Makio Zulu Shakur.

The initial draft was pictures and slander Unbecoming of any organization along with threats upon his life which is absolutely uncouth and unacceptable. what most people don’t know that this year what’s a big year for activism in the city of San Diego we have had in justices after in justices that needed strong leaders to help mobilize the economy.

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