Yas:Breaking News:OJ Simpson Granted Parole Free as early as October

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oj-simpson-2-er-gty-170718_4x3_992O.J. Simpson granted parole but only a day after this major breakthrough in his case even before he got a chance to celebrate he began to get threats and had to be moved a cell away from other inmates. Yesterday Thursday the 20th 2017 in Nevada Pole parole board decided Simpson should be freed and be allowed to come home after his 2007 robbery conviction.

Tom Scotto a close friend who says he visited Simpson in the prison many times was there when officials told Simpson to pack up and leave for cell. And he says they were informed that it was a very dangerous time a time when you would be a target, it was understood that OJ would not like that being that he loves talking to everyone bus safety is paramount.


The fear is someone in the prison trying to make a name for themselves he them most of dem are serving life sentences OJ Simpson’s life would be in immediate danger of honor killing, Sampson could be released as soon as October we will keep you updated on the story.oj-simpson-parole-hearing-04-abc-jc-170720_4x3_992

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