Our hearts are broken and are in solidarity with Texas.

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US military Sands warships and aircraft to Texas.

Rescue is desperately needed over 12,000 Texas National Guard members have been activated by Gov. Greg Abbet of Texas two navy warships the Kearsarge and Oak Hill are said to be deploying to Texas soon in the Atlantic for training the Kearsarge’s amphibious assault ship that.In Norfork on Tuesday to stock up with the disaster relief supplies water food and Marines heading for Texas on Thursday.

Blackhawk helicopters c-130’s HH 60s C-17 cargo planes are all working in tandem to provide support for the state of Texas affected by hurricane Harvey. Postcard with over 30 helicopters and seven airplanes are available as well to join the frame along with the H65 dolphin and the HH 60 Jayhawk. More than 100 2 1/2 half ton US army trucks also were sent these vehicles are capable of moving in high water and will be used in flooded areas to help rescue and move people through high water.

The Pentagon’s defense logistics agency is providing 450,000 gallons of diesel and 50,000 gallons of gas that is expected to arrive to Fort Hood on Wednesday Hurricane Harbor.

Buttass Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters began to recede at least 23 people have lost their lives, and it’s in its infancy the amount of damage can’t be calculated at this time.

Connected to all of the destruction is a chemical plant that has lost primary power into sources of emergency backup power there are warnings that it could now exploding cause subsequent intense fire. Federal state and local authorities will contact in a few days ago and they have ordered Full evacuation locally.

There our stock piles of organic peroxide which are highly volatile substances use in the production of rubber and plastics. To give you a little context ices attacked Paris and used bombs and one of the materials where organic peroxides. They are very volatile and high temperatures. All the staff has been evacuated from the facility and the environmental protection agents he officials estimate approximately 1300 households with 3000 Residents are within a 3 mile radius of the facility.

Acetone chloride ethylene glycol sulfuric acid sodium sulfate are just a few other chemicals that will be released in that area as a toxic mix.

Morning 3000 people have fled to Houston shelters while untold have been displaced since Friday. 51.9 inches of rain the storm was less than an inch short of breaking in the US record a rain drop by hurricane or tropical storm which was set in 1950 in Hawaii rain totals through 10 AM Wednesday.87824_YAS Entertainment-logo_03

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