Gen. Lee loses his right hand man

From the book, Shocking secrets American history 115 surprising amusing tales by Bill Coate

In May 1863 the union commander Gen. Gen. Mead with 130,000 man faced Confederate Gen. Lee and his 60,000 manAlong a line south of the Rappahannock River and the vicinity of Chancellorsville Virginia. Although Lee was badly outnumbered, he did have an advantage. He has Stonewall Jackson; at least for little while


Facing heavy odds lead to the chance. He sent Jackson, with 26,000 man, On a fake retreat. Mead fought for sure he had the rebels on the run he was however sadly mistaken. At 5:30 on May 2, Jackson suddenly returned and came out of the woods into which he had retreated. He fail upon the right flank of the Union Army and sent them really. Then the two armies leaked their warnings and prepare it for the next day.

On May 3, 1863, the Battle of Chancellorsville was in tense. Artillery roared. Muskets fired and soldiers failed by the hundreds. Has not approached, jackson, accompanied by members of his staff undertook a renaissance of the enemy.

The general started out down a plank Road toward the union lines, but before he did, he gave his pickets an explicit order. Shoot anyone who comes up that plank Road and ask no questions the Souljahz listen all too well and ultimately obeyed.

Presently Jackson came upon a force of Yankee infantrymen and was forced to turn and skedaddle back on Monday same plank Road down which she had written, apparently forgetting the strict orders he had given to his own skirmishers.

Stonewall approach the Confederate lines, a flash the flame lit the scene for instant, and within that space of time, in a moment of irony, the south was deprived of one of its greatest military leaders Gen. Thomas Stonewall Jackson have been mortally wounded by his own man, who was simply following their leaders orders.

With a Jackson’s death, Lee was never quite the same to have a loss his general to a Yankee bulletOr artillery shell would have been one thing, but to lose him to friendly fire was on comprehensible. One has to wonder how things would have turned out if only Jackson has been a bit more cautious in returning to his own lines on that fateful night when he was dispatched by his own soldiers.

This will be a part of a reading series that I will provide to you all for free to read stories that I come across like and share

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