Close Win for New 4th District Councilwoman Monica Montgomery

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The day has finally come San Diegos 4th District has spoken Councilwoman Monica Montgomery will represent you.

Her campaign was long and organic which must have had its levels of stress in reading the direction of her community, but nevertheless she Rose above and answered the call .

A graduate of Spelman Women’s Hbcu in Atlanta, Georgia Miss Montgomery is exceptionally Sharp soft-spoken but keeps a listening ear.

Her Challenger former council President Myrtle Cole has been missing in action since the Avalanche of support for Monica Montgomery was first realized.

Comments that Myrtle Cole said towards, “Black on Black Crime” galvanized the Montgomery party.
Briannah Greene

The diverse community of the 4th District rallied together to seal the victory and remove now former Councilwoman Myrtle Cole from her seat.

Media Outlets were invited to talk about the state of media locally and even though Yasentertainment does not endorse any political or religious organization, we visited with Miss Montgomery as she spoke with local media about projects such as the Martin Luther King Parade remix

Supporters said over and over that it was time for change and where the driving force in the new position now held.

With unexpected outcomes to political races as in the Andrew Gilliam defeat San Diego stands in the positive with this election in the eyes of its 4th district community.

As a show of confidence to the district she has served we believe that Myrtle Cole should hand over publicly the Mantle of Councilwoman for the 4th District.

Now the real work begins and Monica Montgomery will need the same support and insight that she received during the campaign now as she leads the 4th District into its unknown optimistic future.

Again congratulations to Monica Montgomery her campaign and Friends we hope to hear from her soon, also we will be reaching out to former Councilwoman Myrtle Cole to get comments on this her last term.

We would also like to remind you that rather Monica Montgomery or Myrtle Cole there still needs to be work and we hope that they can work together and turn over information pertinent to the Future.

Monica Montgomery you have the Glow now.

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