Psa-To my daughter’s teachers at Lapresa Middle School in reference to her Menstrual cycle.

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This is to all of Briannah Greenes teachers -Monday the 22nd 2018 my daughter second her second ever menstrual cycle, she was on the orders by me to not do heavy running and she used to maintain pristine cleanliness.

Although I have spoken to one teacher and have made a connection and a pact in this issue, I am still in need of informing the rest of her teachers.

And I quote your father needs to do more research your father doesn’t know about periods.

First of all I would say I am the only male in all women family,Second of all I have taken care of multiple women with menstrual cycles in my nursing field and thirdly I am a dedicated husband and educate my wife on new and innovative ways to modernize her menstrual cycle.

With that being said on the research point

One article from tes learning accredited-Both girls and boys experience lots of physical and emotional changes at puberty, so explore these in a lively and non-threatening way in the context of growing and changing generally.

Most young people are fascinated by the physiological changes and how they will be affected by them. Taught like this, menstruation becomes just one of the changes that will happen to girls, and not something strange and taboo.

In fact, we’ve found it very effective to teach boys and girls together on this subject. It removes the mystery surrounding periods and helps children learn the importance of talking about sensitive issues in relationships.

Pupils have the chance to show empathy and understanding, and they are less likely to show off to impress others.

My daughter has personal problems dealing with her menstrual cycle including extremely heavy flow more so than sanitary napkins can hold which causes embarrassment as it leaks through her clothes.

In the incidence she has spoken to me about she has had resistance with using the restroom to clean herself to examine herself and to make sure she is safe and ready mentally to return the class and learn .

It could be the goal of every teacher to provide that confidence for the young women in this very vulnerable time in their lives.

We are in the process of making her doctor’s appointment also in the process of searching for remedies that are safe for her until that appointment has been accomplished.

We are a military family and our daughter does not need to be marginalized, her concerns are valid and as her parents we make them so being taxpayers and putting our lives and bodies on the line.

She is an obedient child very helpful very knowledgeable I have five strong more years to build a respectable confidence within her so that she made strive for the life that best represents her.

Also which is something to keep in mind she is .3% of the African American student body and that’s all types of African-Americans thrown in one group.

She’s not the same as everyone else and she isn’t represented heavily by her race and likeness in the school a very alone feeling she speaks to me about it a lot, but if the teachers would be her friend maybe it wouldn’t make the school year so lonely

I’ll be contacting the health department to get the pass for her and her menstrual but I wanted to address these issues .Her being able to use the restroom and her following her father’s orders.

My orders are Paramount and if there are any questions you can contact me at 904 572 8829

Thank you very much for your time in this fixable matter.

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