Candid about the Editor

Didn’t come here to gangbang, politic ,church the people or to be anti anything.

came to help all. Nubians, Gentiles,Arabs,Latins , Animals,Trees ,Good and not so good.

That’s just me . If I have to judge I do it per entity,not per Nation or tribe.

That’s y I can find positives in negativity and negatives in positivity.

Or sometime there is neither present, Something totally different Exists.

I have Police Friends , misdemeanor Friends and I speak to the betterment of both.
For they are always at odds ,Yet they are Twins.

Both want to be a protector by any means necessary

Both profess Community love and Support

Both hate what are known as internal Snitchs,but push outsiders for information.

Both usually have The same Grandmother

Thier opposite would be the lazy person

They both will agree ,Thier ambition wouldn’t allow them to be
A person that doesn’t live life to the fullest.

If there’s imbalance Im bringing stuff like gravity and helium.
Religion or Logic
Selflessness or Identity

You never Know what May Diffuse A Volatile Reaction.

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