Thursday, February 6, 2020, the San Diego black employees association and jas: maven hosted an event at the Golden hall called Black history in motion. Many of our prominent community leaders, associations, and black gentiles gathered for this event. This event is hosted to commemorate Black history’s multi-generational, forward progress throughout the city of San Diego. As I walked into the Golden hall I was immediately grazed by the sight of Akebu-Lan dhukus and dashikis. Proceeding to progress through the building I saw running mates for the school board and elected officials. All I conversed with greeted me with the warmest smiles and words. The host and hostess of this event were Greg woods and Jasmine Sadler who introduced us to the event. Called to the podium was Ms. Lawana who spoke at the podium about Afro-futurism and how it is a future of arts, sciences, and technology seen through the lens of Akebu-Lan people. Akebu-Lan gentiles taking what the fallen Angel’s tried to keep away from the back and pushing forward into a positive direction is what Ms. Lawana expressed fervently throughout her speech. Councilmember of district 4 Ms. Monica Montgomery spoke about her Great great grandfather who was a slave in America we stand in free today. Greg and Jasmine have presented a proclamation from the city of San Diego that the month of February is officially black history month. In the 1980s the black employees association was founded. Mr.Tambuki stood at the podium and talked about the reason why history is important and should be important for Akebu-Lan’s. To close off the event Akebu-Lan was played and lifted the spirits of every entity present.

Briannah Greene

San Diego teenage news

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