As the end draws closer to for who our next president will be, I have already seen that current president Trump is already asking for a recount in Wisconsin. Currently leading with 248 Electoral votes is presidential candidate Joe Biden with Trump lagging behind with 214. We know that the magic number is 270. Votes in Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are currently being counted with a total of 67 Electoral votes up for grabs.

Who will be our next Commander in Chief, and how will they run the United States of America when they take the con. Will the armed forces be hindered by the next POTUS or will they thrive? This has yet to be seen, but we shall know soon. If Biden is declared the winner he would be the oldest candidate to be elected President. When he first ran for President in 1987 he was the youngest candidate.

However, if current President Trump wins this is will be his second term and we all know that based on the 22nd Amendment limits presidents two consecutive 4 year terms. On that note if a president died, resigned, or was impeached and removed from office, the Vice President would be sworn in. Also if there were two years or less left on the previous president’s term, the new president could serve out that term and still be qualified to run for two full terms on their own. AND THE WINNER IS……?

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